About The Blog

Welcome to Life (Un)Worthy of Life, a blog about my experiences as a Disabled teen.

As those of you who speak German have probably already noticed, the blog's URL matches its title.  For those of you who don't speak German, lebensunwertes leben is a German phrase meaning - you guessed it - life unworthy of life.  The Nazi party used the phrase lebensunwertes leben as a label for those they viewed as not deserving to live, specifically people such as the Roma and the Disabled.  Other labels such as unn├╝tze esser (useless eaters), untermensch (subhumans), and ballastexistenz (burdensome existence), all served similar purposes.

In modern society, although the aforementioned labels are rarely used outright, the message that Disabled lives aren't worth living persists.  We are told that it is better to die than to be Disabled, that the murder of a Disabled person is less reprehensible than the murder of an enabled person, and that suicide is not only an understandable response to being Disabled - it's an encouraged one!  These devastating messages are spread far and wide through both the media's portrayal of disability as tragic and through interpersonal interactions in which enabled people carelessly announce that they'd rather die than be/become Disabled.

The one thing that is notably absent from virtually every television show, book, movie, article, and conversation about how very tragic Disabled lives are is the voice of a single non-self-loathing Disabled person.  Occasionally a Disabled person who views their disability as a curse and/or who doesn't view their life as worth living will feature in these stories and conversations, but because the assumption has already been made that Disabled lives are tragic no one bothers to look for a Disabled person who is happy with their life - to them, we don't exist.  The lack of representation for happy, proud Disabled people who accept ourselves leads more people to believe that we don't exist, thus ensuring that the cycle continues.

This blog exists, in part, to provide a counterexample to the commonly accepted ideas that Disabled lives aren't worth living and Disabled voices aren't worth listening to.  It's my way of reaffirming that I have the right, as a Disabled person, to exist and to be heard, while also acknowledgint that there still exist people who would deny me those rights.  To that end, I aim to publish a new post at least once a week, typically on Saturday at 12:00 noon, central time.  If you're interested in reading what I write, please feel free to follow Life (Un)Worthy of Life so you don't miss any new content.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you'll stick around!